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Underground Tubes - Tips to reduce contagious diseases spreading

The underground network in Britain is one of the world's most congested transport systems with an average of 2,670,004 people using it per day. It is a giant incubator for contagious illnesses from the common cold to the fatal MRSA and Meningitis disease. People are forced to use this transport due to time and cost. So what can everyone do to avoid catching disease during peak time when the tubes are jammed with bodies.

The Veil - A Muslim woman' perspective

Do you ever wonder who is behind that big black scarf...a woman perhaps with a sense of humour, a person who loves rabbits or has a fetish for blue cheese? The Muslim woman has been made to look like a complete idiot by the media and it just isn't true! I am a Muslim woman who wears the whole gear and looks the part.

Pregnancy Cravings

Cravings have always been felt by pregnant women for centuries, but there doesn't seem to be any medical explanation as to why women have them. It has been thought that its phychological, because women knnow that cravings are part of pregnancy they feel they should have and hence they start to think that they need to have whatever the food or even object.

Ikea,Croydon - 19th April, the 21% discount!

Ikea had a sale on th 19th of April in Croydon, i almost fear going because of the mess-up at the Edmonton branch please read "Ikea, Edmonton - the Big Sale that went Wrong". Well, we decided not to go, but we went to Nandos which is just a 5 min walk from there. Getting to Nandos was a nightmare, the amount of traffic, and at the end of the day the sale was only 21% off, which isnt much at all..Recently, i've been scanning Ebay to see what bids are most successful and the auctions for beds and sofas are so popular! Its amazing how desperate people are for good furniture at a low price. Even Ikea is cheeky, they have some items that are at a ridiculously low price but other items are as expensive as any other furniture store, so you think Ikea is actually really cheap but its not really!

Chicken Pox - Nature of the Blisters

My daughter came out in Chicken Pox about five days ago, its amazing how few blisters she had, each one was bulbous full of fluid and yet it was making her incredibly frustrated and upset, at 1 and a half she was able to bearly undersand what was happening and i really felt sorry for her.

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