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Bollywood- What's it all about?!

Bollywood, is a fantastical array of imagination forming a facade of glamor and beauty to represent the feelings of romance and love which are shared by the entire human population no matter how rich or poor. Class, religion, caste, color which separate the entire subcontinent into multiple, tiny facets causing strain on every part of life and decaying the structure of society as a whole, cannot deny the shared true feelings of love. In a desperate hope for unity on some level, this imaginary world of colors and music has been born. Its so incredibly imaginative and at times absolutely unrealistic, but all this is brushed under the carpet and accepted by millions as not a fault but a creative way of ploughing effort into the search for representing true love and romance appropriately without losing any passion along the way, and also allowing the unrealistic to form an escapism from the harsh realities of life and hence giving everyone a shared dream of happiness that is lacking.

The Queen of the Fields

Running in the fields, a summers day, my hair blowing in the wind, the frills on my dress moving like the waves of a sea...i looked forward and i could see, a little tree, standing all alone in a huge field. I was only 6 years old, full of life and little arms pulled and heaved my dainty body onto the first branch...before i knew it, i was looking down from the top, i was on top of the world. There wasn't a corner of the universe i couldn't see, the wind was pushing me, but i sat head up and strong in my newly appointed position. I felt like a leader, a queen of the fields. I could command the world from all the way up here! Stretching my neck up high to see my little house, my mother was putting out the washing...even my red socks on the washing line were the size of red ants from my proud position. Suddenly, a crack of wood, something breaking, i looked down from my lofty moments to the here and now...but before i could react the entire branch fell and that was the end...I awoke, the moon was in the sky and dusk was approaching. My neck was hurting and the huge branch was on top of me pinning me down. A spider on my leg, i tried to yelp but my tongue was dry. The branch was the weight of the world...stuck there for almost 5 hours conscious, with the bugs of the woodland feasting on my paralyzed limbs, i lay crying tears of fear and hope.

A professional finish to painting and decorating

Painting is actually quite hard, getting a smooth finish is one of the hardest tasks involved in the whole process. I always find that a roller made to paint radiators is the cheapest and yet most effective way of getting a smooth finish. Its the spongy texture of the roller that does not leave any marks. However, the sides of the rollers collect a lot of paint and so when you make a swipe, you get two lines of paint that go across the wall, so you go over the lines and two more lines appear, the key is to keep rolling and rolling until all lines have gone because the paint in the roller has run out, so its best not to overload the roller with too much paint to start off with.

Day 7 - the fight with the landlady!

When it came to the time of taking the money she said she was only going to give 150 back instead of 200, which she owed us! i got really annoyed, not because i needed the money, but because she has to make everything such a struggle and problem for us. The woman is loaded, she said she doesn't need to rent the apartment out to anyone...and yet she wanted to keep the money just out of spite of her sick sense of fun...

Day 7- the world's worst landlady in Egypt

My landlady was not helping with my exhaustion from the past few days. We realised soon enough that she had a split personality when we moved in. She laughs one moment and then in the next second she'll start shouting, she's bizarre! Anyway, so we put up with loads of abuse from her because she had our 100pound deposits which we needed back if we ever chose to leave.

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