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Day 6- the camel back safari

After that we left on the minibus and went back to its saturday now...we just slept for the rest of the day...and then we woke up at 6am on sunday to eat breakfast and go on Safari...the jeep picked us up from outside the hotel and we made our way through some mountains and desert to this place where we had to get on some camels....then the camels took us through this narrow path, which was scary because the edge of the path was looking over rocks and the red sea and the other side was the camels had about half a meter to walk in, and if they slipped then i could have lost my balance and ended up in the rocks in front of the sea, some 1000 odd meters down...

Day 5 - Climbing Mountains Part II

We just climbed and climbed, and half way up we saw a light and it was a tiny hut that you had to bend to go through the door, and it was actually a shop selling water and other drinks. So we took a rest...The shop keeper picked up this guitar type instrument and started singing, i thought it was cool, but then he just went on and on and funny, i was trying to stop my giggling, because its rude, but i couldn't help it, my friend kept making me laugh. so we left there and carried on up, the air was really fresh...and the stars in the sky with the silhouette of the mountain range was amazing. We could see the lights of the hut and other things, from where we had started, getting smaller and smaller...we could judge how far up we'd come from those lights...but soon enough, those lights disappeared! the rocks were a bit wobbly...we started climbing at 1am and we finished at about we'd been climbing for hip joints were killing me!!! and my right knee was hurting, but i carried i think i'm much fitter than what i then we were like 30mins from the top...and the famous 700 steps to the top of Mount Sinai began...It was like the hardest steps I’ve ever taken in my life and I was dieing!!!!! I kept having to stop and the Bedouin bloke kept stopping too, and along the way, others were stopping...but the steps were narrow, so you couldn't sit, only stand and take a breather...finally we reached the top and as we were approaching, i felt like i had more energy, just because the thought of reaching the top gave me i ran up the last few steps and then collapsed onto the coldest hardest rocks, I just lay there panting but I couldn’t feel anything except relief.

Day 5- Climbing Mountains.

We left on this rattling minibus at 11pm, and we had only had four hours sleep, so i felt shattered, but i thought i'd sleep on the minibus but there was no head rest on my seat and my head kept hitting the window, so i put my bag in my lap and put my head on the bag, which wasn't comfortable, but it was the best position, and i looked out on to the sky which had so many stars shining brightly. The journey from Dahab was two hours long.

Day 4 - Trip to the Egyptian Museum, belly dancing, sufi spins and lebanese food!

We met my friend at the Egyptian museum, we saw mummies and giant coffins in mummy shapes with faces on them and loads of other bits and bobs..but i'm not really a museum person i find them quite boring! It's like..oooohh sandals from 4500 years ago! It is amazing stuff, but i think you just have to have a passion to want to spend two hours in there looking at things...the pharoah's beds were cool...the bed posts were in the shape of animals...and everything was made out of gold..

Day 3 - Inside the tomb, the home of the squatters - City of the Dead, Cairo

We paid this family £1 and they let us stroll through they're house in the City of the Dead... i swear i was shocked, they're living in dark little rooms full of insects, cockroaches and they had two little boys who were playing in a was a nasty sight, makes you feel incredibly grateful for everything one has...they were living in the lounge and kitchen that was built for the ghosts of the dead in a tomb attached to they're was very freaky! and check this...oh my god, it was soo bad, we went inside the tomb and there was one coffin lying above ground, i said to the man..howa faarig? (is it empty?) and all of a sudden with no warning, he flung the coffin door open and we saw a body inside a bag...and the man said it had been there for 2 months!!!!! SSOOO GROSS...imagine growing up in a place like that...i looked at the faces of the little boys before i left and it was really sad to think that they don't have a choice.

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