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Day 3 - Visiting the City of The Dead, Cairo

We woke up early and my eyes looked swollen like a frog...i was extremely tired, i couldn't be bothered to eat breakfast when I was so tired, so i went back to sleep while my friends went downstairs in the hotel to get their money’s worth! I woke up again at 10.30 and i was still knackard but i forced myself to get out of bed because i had to make use of Cairo time. By the time i got ready, my friends had come back from breakfast and we all left for the City of the Dead...

Day 2- Khan el-khalili Bazaar, Cairo

The guide who took us around the Pyramids lead us further on to a different place, and i kept asking where we were going but he wouldn't tell me, and i was getting worried because he was leading our horses down narrow alleys...we came out on to the main road and he stopped in front of a perfume store...the British Embassy bloke who helped us was living there...we wanted to go but he wouldn't let us until we came inside, so we thought we might as well because we needed the rest...when we came in he had a table with food laid out and drinks, we had lunch with him.. Egyptians r really hospitable, but my friend was right she reckons he only did that so we would buy some perfume, so she bought some for £2.50...

Day 2 - Inside the Pyramids, Cairo

We went inside the Pyramids and it was a bit disappointing because i thought we'd see a lot of the tombs..but there was only two rooms to see inside, the tombs were carved out of the rock, six bodies in one room..must have smelt well bad...when u enter the pyramid, you have to go down this slippery piece of wood under your feet but you have to bend forward at the same time because the roof is soo low, i hit my forehead really hard against the rocky roof, and i thought i would get a bruise because it felt soo sore, but i didn't...finally we got into the passage way, but it was very hot and i was sweating buckets, in fact all of us were dripping...imagine the smell of the bodies in that heat back in the Pharoah's gross, so we went further down some normal steps into a room with six body shaped groves in the walls...we sat there for a few mins because my friend said she felt like she was going to collapse...she's incredibly skinny and really unfit! Anyway, so after that we went back in the passage way and she kept saying, “please lets go” i just popped my head into the other tomb, which was the only other place to look at, and it was a tiny room, you couldn't even stand up in it, because the roof was too we all left, going back up the slippery wooden plank was harder! We came out and my friend was totally out of breath, but I was okay...we headed back to the guide who had our cameras, we couldn't see him anywhere and we thought he'd done a runner with our cameras...but then i saw him at a distance riding his horse...My friend was totally out of it by the time we got to him, because the sand was too hot, and to walk in the desert is painful, my toes were burning because of the sun and the heat of the sand despite wearing sandals..we sat down in the shade of some rocks and my friend washed her face with cold water, i think she was feeling sick because we hadn't eaten any breakfast that morning...and she's so skinny she really needs the energy!

Day 2- Getting to the Pyramids of Cairo, no easy ride!

Friday morning we woke up at about 11am, and we got ready and went downstairs to have breakfast because it was included in our hotel charge. But by the time we got there, the restaurant had we ended up paying for a meal we didn’t have! We took the Metro, which is an underground system in Cairo, very similar except much cleaner to the one in we took the metro for 10p to the town where the Pyramids are, Giza, and when we got out of the station but we were finding it really hard to get a taxi because the cars were going to fast, it was like we came out on to a motorway...This man was standing about a meter away from me, and he turned around and asked where we were trying to go... we really didn't have a clue how to get there, or where to get a horse or camel to go around the we were just aimlessly heading in that direction...Well, this man just happened to work in the British Embassy and he helped us to get a taxi and then paid for it, took us to a small tourist hut where you hire horses, and we would never have found that without his help. We had a tour guide who took pics of us on the horses, first it was WELL scary being on the back of this moving animal! And the tails of the other two horses kept hitting my legs, which was really gross. We paid £12 for a two hour tour.

Day 1 Egypt - Cairo Hotels, Boat Cruise and Horse&Carriage Ride!

The idea to go to cairo was sooo random and fast, we thought about going at 3pm ish and then we were on the train at the time we got there it was 8pm...we searched for a hotel for 2hours, each one we went to was awful, until we found Victoria Hotel..that was a bit more expensive but well worth the money! Still only £9/night..which is really good in comparison to English standards!

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