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Losing Weight for the Lazy Person

From my experience, the key to losing wieght successfully is to do it without trying. I certainly eat a lot to relax when i'm stressed and to keep myself awake when i'm tired. People say one should find other ways to relax or stay awake that doesn't involve food, but you know what, its easy to say but hard to do, bad habits die hard.

The best nanny, the selection process

I remember seeing an advert in the window of the newsagents. Nanny needed part-time, flexy hours, little housework and minding one child. I thought an advert inthe newsagents would be for some working class family who wanted someone that they could pay a lower wage than average to, hence they didnt choose to go to a nanny agency instead. It did say that references and a crb check is needed, so its npot like they wanted any old person off the street.

What a morning!

It was 9am in the morning, banging of metal, men's voices coming from the close to the window too..But how, we live on the first floor! I scrambled out of bed and opened the curtain..two builders putting up scaffolding and standing right outside my window. They were awfully polite, deliberately not looking in even though i was standing about a meter away from them with my rainbow coloured PJs! I jumped at the sight of them, it was the last thing i was expecting. I quickly closed the curtains and noticed a paper under the door as i moved towards the hallway. The notice of redecorations arrived late on my doorstep.

The Underground Room Part II - Fiction

I bent down on my hands and feet and looked through the mesh, there to my horror was a man pacing up and down the width of this small room. A light, plugged into the wall shining. A noise of chains. The man was chained to the floor, I could see the chain moving as he moved. I thought” a prisoner, who had trapped him, how long had he been there?” I was so scared my throat was drying up. He sat down against the floor, his hair white, his clothes, worn and dirty. I was frozen, the air was freezing, but my muscles were reacting to the feeling of anxiety, I just couldn’t move. I gasped in shock and then the man looked up suddenly at me…his eyes as wide as golf balls, his lips dry and chapped.We were both in a trance for about 5mins. I then heard him say in a dry voice, please help..i replied ‘ok’ gulping in panic… the adrenalin rushed to my brain and I leaped up and forced my body through the bushes, I didn’t care where the gap was between the bush and the tree. I ran inside and screamed at my husband to wake up..he got up in a panic and looked at me covered in mud “What the hell is going on” I couldn’t speak, I ran into the tool cupboard and got a thin rod of metal, I ran into the garden, my husband shouting abuse at me for not saying anything to him and acting the way I was. I ran through the bushes this time ripping my nighty, The man was looking up gasping like he was having an asthma attack. I hooked the pole under the wire mesh and pushed hard, I managed to lift one side when I felt a hand grab me and the pole, it was my husband screaming “what are you doing”. I fell to the ground from the force of his strength. I tried to show him by pointing, I couldn’t talk I was out of breath. He pushed me to one side to look at through the wire mesh. He couldn’t see anything. “What is this, what are you doing?” I looked at him in horror, “the man, theres a man there, he needs help” I panted. "Theres no one there, only a lamp." I crawled forward, he was right, the room was empty. He pulled the wire mesh up with the rod and looked down properly, it was just a square stone room, with one lamp, no sign of a person at all. I was shocked, I kept shouting “hellooo hellooo where are you” My husband thought I was crazy. The next day after this traumatic event, we were told that there was a man who lived in the house in the 19th century who disappeared and no one knew where he was and his body was never found. My husband reckons I saw his ghost, and that he must have been locked in that chamber all those years ago and he must of died there. That was our last night in that house,we moved into a hotel until we managed to rent a new flat. I was so disturbed by what I had seen, I couldn’t ever sleep a wink in that place again.

The Underground Room Part I - Fiction

I moved into a Grade II listed building which was split into two apartments, we were on the ground floor and we had signed a 6 month contract with the landlord. Every night I used to hear a whistling sounds, it was faint and sounded like a draft somewhere in the bedroom.

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