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Made in China

We all know Tibet is high priority on the news recently. After 50 years of torment the people are finally trying to lash out at their abusers. Seeing news reports doesn't really hit a hard enough message though. Broadcasters can only get their hands on censored material and so the impact of a negative story involving China is always subtly mellowed out.

TEAC R-1 Portable Radio

Having a love of purely retro/modern (modtro) design I had decided that I required a portable radio to add to my collection of cool brought back gadgets and gizmos. Priced at £66.53 the TEAC R-1 Portable Radio is a luxury item and has provided my room with style and class essentially emitting from this modern object.

Early morning supermarket spree

I just had an interesting drive to the supermarket. Yes, it’s 2.30am, but I like to do my shopping in the middle of the night - it’s so peaceful wandering around a supermarket very early in the morning and it gives you time to think through any problems or reflect on the day that has been. I loaded up my basket with cans of coke which was silly really because I then couldn’t carry it properly and had to resort to shuffling it around in my arms awkwardly, like a giant overweight baby. To make matters worse, I hadn’t done my hair or makeup, and I’m forever living in fear of bumping into someone I know when I’m looking my worst, so I spent most of my time shopping with my head down, balancing a basket that weighed a ton and trying to avoid anyone I came into contact with. I must have looked a little bit mad!.

Nightmares of the Jungle

I woke up sweating after this weird dream. I had a fight with a tiger who appeared very unexpectedly. His claws like black steel, his fangs growing out of his mouth, his eyes like jewels from hell. I seemed to be in India at the time and i had gone camping but got lost.

Mookie Toys Bigbubz Bubble Maker

The Bigbubz Bubble Maker is an ideal accessory for any kids room or outdoor party. Its so effective at making bubbles that everyone loves to see the array of different sized bubbles being projected high up into the air only to come down over the kids watching.

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