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300 Movie DVD - 300 (2 Discs Special Edition) (Region 2)

300 is like a comic book realised. It plays out all your childhood fantasies as if they were real. It taps into a very child like, very base part of our psyche and stays there until the credits are rolling.

Ratatouille Movie DVD - Ratatouille (Region 2)

I’m not a fan of Disney. I am a fan of Pixar. Which is the only reason I watched this Ratatouille DVD. Had it been Disney alone I would have turned my film snob nose in the air and passed it right by. As it had Pixar plastered to the box my brand influenced, oh so susceptible mind brought it.

Casino Royale Movie DVD - Casino Royale (2 Discs Collector's Edition) (Region 2/4/5)

There was no doubt that Casino Royale launched Daniel Craig’s career. Sure he’s done an awful lot of films of note before then but it wasn’t until the appearance of those blue swimming shorts did we start paying attention.

Message in a Bottle

Messages in bottles have always been a staple in films and songs a like, there’s something deeply romantic about receiving a message in a bottle, and even if this particular one doesn’t come from the sea - it’s still a lovely idea.

NAD C315BEE Integrated Amp

I must confess, I have a thing about NADs. And this causes me no end of grief when I try and discuss it with other separates enthusiasts or in an electrical store. I mean really, please don’t call your business NAD, you’re just asking for trouble.

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