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Alien Quadrilogy

I was just a boy when I saw ALIEN in the comfort of our home. I suppose the novelty of our first night with a subscription movie channel was the only reason my parents let me watch one of my first R-rated films. In truth Alien Quadrilogy is the most horrific thing I've ever seen, but with a fantastically intelligent plot.

24 Series 3 Twenty Four

Jack is back! In his finest hour (or should I say 24 hours! Heh... anyone... no... oh well...)

Anyway this season of 24 far surpasses the other two with a much juicier plot and an amazing cast of characters. And a final twist you wont believe!

This Is Your Life Commemorative Book

This Is Your Life was the most best gift i have ever bought my dad. He's 70 years old and i got him 7 newspapers of the Times which he loves reading even till today, showing him what was happening every ten years during he is lifetime. He loves reading the news and he still hasn't put this book down.

Born To Play Fireman Sam 5 Articulated Figures

Most of the mothers that i know don't invest in action figures, they say that their kids get bored of them too quickly and they can be right. However, these Fireman Sam action figures are unique because your kid doesn't have to rely on their imagination to keep them using the figures of fireman sam and the others.

Birthday Bear Candles

These Birthday Bear Candles were a really cute present for my daughter's birthday. She loves stuff like Winnie the Pooh and other bears like Squigglet that come on TV and so when she saw these candles it was a lovely surprise. Also i noticed she was more excited about the candles than the actual cake that cost us a fortune, so i know now that if i can make the candles on her cakes nice then i can buy any cheap cake and still make her happy. These candles didn't even need a candle holder, so it made things quick and easy, just push them in and its done.

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