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Gas Bbqs - an escape from death

This was an amazing escape from death. We were having a great bbq in our garden last summer, friends and family were all round, kids everywhere and perfect weather. The chops were on the bbq, everyone was digging into the food that we gas one was next to the wall of the house and a fair distance from the party on a patio that was elevated by a couple of steps above the rest of the garden.

Poppy, the fairytale cat.

My cat Poppy is like a baby to me, I treat her like a princess and she has free reign of the house, much to my boyfriends dismay… as she frequently likes to jump up on the bed in the middle of the night while we’re sleeping, and as he’s such a light sleeper, he always wakes up in a bad mood with her.

The morning after...

On Thursday night my wonderful boyfriend travelled all the way from his university in Preston (via coach, as the train lines are being rather annoying recently) to visit me in Ipswich, the journey took him 10 hours, which is ridiculous! And I thought I had it bad when it took me 5 hours to get up to Preston via train!.

Oakley Half Wire 2.0 Sunglasses

I have worn Oakley sunglasses for about 10 years now. I have always spent a lot of time in the sun and to be honest i don't know how i coped before, squinting at desert and tropical sunshine. I adopted Oakley Half Wire Sunglasses about 3 years ago and am now on my 2nd pair.

Flats and Kids

I went to check out a flat nearby to where we live so that we can reduce our rent per month which is extortionate at the moment because we are in gated complex on a highsteet full of shops like Costa Coffee, pizza express, waitrose, iceland, boots,sainsburys...everything on our that the kids are getting older, i don't have to worry about having to walk it to these shops with the kids in the pushchair...anyway, the photos looked great, but when i got there, it was like a really old building with 1960s wallpaper in the corridor, three flights of stairs to the apartment, a ripped carpet in the bedroom, mould in the bathroom and painted wallpaper in the really was a let down. The are wasn't too bad, a quite cul de sac and it had its own garage,but we're used to having a lift and security and the modern decor. Its almost dangerous to live in a nice place, because if you look at half decent ones, they're are a let down.

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