Pharmaclinix - Scar Repairex - 50ml

I have a little scar on my face from a rather nasty dog bite I received as a child, in all honesty - it’s not really that noticeable, but as a young image conscious woman I tend to take note of these little imperfections and I’m always on the look out for products that will help reduce the appearance of this scar.

PharmaClinix Scar Repairex is a very useful product to have on hand, it reduces the appearance of scars and makes them a lot less noticeable. It also hydrates and smoothes the skin, making it more beautiful to touch or look at. It’s active ingredients encourage the skin to grow healthy skin cells, replacing the damaged ones.

The cream is invisible and is non-greasy in texture and soaks into the skin very quickly, so it’s ideal for use underneath makeup, as it can set about repairing your skin whilst you can go about your normal, daily routine.

I used Repairex for around 3 months and noticed a significant improvement in my skin texture and the condition of my scar. The scar is now smaller, and people who know me well and knew about the scar (as I previously mentioned, it’s not really that noticeable unless I point it out) have commented on how much better it looks.

PharmaClinix Scar Repairex states that it works best on scars that are under 6 months in age, yet I feel it has significantly improved my scar, which I received a long time ago. It is ideal for preventing the formation of scars and therefore I recommend it to people who are going to have surgery (which may leave a scar) or people who suffer from acne scars, as it will drastically (and permanently) improve the condition of your skin.