About love and distance...

You’ll have to forgive me for being sad today and feeling like hibernating and not coming out until I start back at university on the 8th April. After having my lovely boyfriend staying with me since Thursday night, he left this morning to go back up to Preston as he has lots of work due in soon. He means the world to me and it hurts so much having to keep saying goodbye whenever we see each other…

We met last summer, it was the best summer ever known to man, like something out of a film. My best friend is a very friendly person and she likes to meet new people, she’s also obsessed with the Irish and so she was in this pub one day in our hometown of Ipswich and she met an Irish barman who took her fancy, she started seeing this man, and he had a friend who also worked at the same pub. On my best friends mans last day in Ipswich before he left for Japan (07/07/07), she invited me to go out for the night with the three of them, so I met the two lads for the first time and got on really well with one of them, he was down in Ipswich for the whole summer visiting his Sister who worked here, and we spent the whole night chatting and dancing in Liquid (a club) and he asked me out on a date, I accepted and the whole thing went from there :).

We spent the summer in a flat with a balcony overlooking a river, we were quite fortunate in the fact that nobody else was staying in the flat, so it was like our own little love nest or something and we had many good times in that flat - such as the time we decided to try and sleep on the balcony!. We were out pretty much every night in random clubs and pubs and just having a great time together. I even invited him to Windermere with me after we’d only been seeing each other for a week and he accepted, so we had a great time wandering around this quaint little place and we hired a boat in Kendal and went sailing around the lakes. Then we also went over to Kerry, in Ireland (where my family is from) to visit his dad, and had an excellent night out in Listowel (where my grandfather spent his childhood). Unfortunately come September he had to head back to Preston for his final year at university, I’ll never forget having to say goodbye to him when I dropped him off at the train station, I cried my eyes out and had to drive back to an empty house where I cried some more!, it really wasn’t a very nice day at all! :(.

I went up to visit him in Preston 3 weeks later, but we had a night out in Manchester first. I’ll never forget getting off the train in Manchester and seeing him stood there, he’d booked a hotel for us and we had a good night out in Manchester and then headed to Preston the day after, where we had a great weekend, it really reinforced how good we were together. We visited each other lots throughout the months leading up to Christmas and when December rolled in we had a lovely Christmas together and his sisters and mother came to my house on Christmas night and got on excellently with my parents.

Then in January my boyfriend and I headed to Venice, Italy, for a short romantic break and we had such a good time just taking things easy and enjoying each others company. We stayed in a gorgeously luxurious hotel and took in all the sights and ate loads of nice food.

It was very sad having to say goodbye again after having him stay with me for a month over the Christmas holidays, but I went to visit him later in January and then February was a very hard month as I only saw him briefly when I went to Birmingham for his Gaelic football championships. The teams were staying in a different hotel to me, and so I only briefly got to see him during the days when he was playing matches. We then had to go another 3 weeks without seeing each other and I went to Prague, then flew straight out to Belfast where I met up with my boyfriend (who caught a different flight from another airport, with his housemate) for the first time in ages, we had a lovely time in Belfast and then I went back to Preston with them and came home on the Saturday, which leads us right up till this weekend, when my lovely boyfriend came down to stay with me.

We stayed up all night last night talking away, I love times like that - we really are so perfect for each other, I’ve never met anyone who makes me feel the way he does. It got to 6am and we hadn’t slept at all and his coach was at 7.10am, so we said our goodbyes and I had to try not to cry because I’m going to miss him so much. We’ve booked our next set of tickets to visit each other though, I’m going up towards the end of April and he’s coming down here at the beginning of May - he finishes university in May, for good. So we’re hoping to find some random city to live in over the summer, until I return to Suffolk for my final year of university. We have one more year of being long distance and then hopefully we’ll be able to lessen the distance significantly.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend having a long distance relationship, it’s not nice at all and I never thought I’d be in one!, but when you meet someone who’s worth it, you’ll do anything to be with them, even if it means you can’t see each other for weeks at a time. You have to have so much trust in each other and believe what the other person is telling you, or else it will never work. My boyfriend and I trust each other completely and phone each other regularly and pretty much spend all our time texting each other!, we also write lots of letters and send them, as well as visiting each other as much as we can, we even went through a period late last year where we were seeing each other every week, which was lovely :)… but unfortunately, due to this being the last month or two of both our university terms, we’re both incredibly busy with work, so are unable to see each other that often… but I know when I see him, it’s all worth it… the loneliness, the tears, the goodbyes… it’s all worth it, just for a few days of intense happiness. He’s my world and I love him to bits.