Early morning supermarket spree

I just had an interesting drive to the supermarket. Yes, it’s 2.30am, but I like to do my shopping in the middle of the night - it’s so peaceful wandering around a supermarket very early in the morning and it gives you time to think through any problems or reflect on the day that has been. I loaded up my basket with cans of coke which was silly really because I then couldn’t carry it properly and had to resort to shuffling it around in my arms awkwardly, like a giant overweight baby. To make matters worse, I hadn’t done my hair or makeup, and I’m forever living in fear of bumping into someone I know when I’m looking my worst, so I spent most of my time shopping with my head down, balancing a basket that weighed a ton and trying to avoid anyone I came into contact with. I must have looked a little bit mad!.

To make it easier when I got home, when loading up my car I decided to put my bags on the passenger seat / floor, so I balanced them carefully and they looked as though they wouldn’t budge… however, as soon as I started the car there was a tidal wave of croissants and assorted vegetables that burst free of their bags and decided to jump off of the seat like lemmings, the coke cans then decided to slip off the seat and try and make their way to the gear stick, but I wasn’t in the mood for any silly shenanigans, so I threw them on the back seat and set off home.

I arrived back at my house and sat there for a while trying to put everything back into the shopping bags, and then jumped out the car quickly and ran up the driveway to my house. I hate being alone at night outside my house because I live very far out in the Suffolk countryside and it’s spooky at night, with owls hooting and the wind rustling through the trees, it’s all very eerie - and as there’s not many people living nearby, I always get horrible thoughts of ghosts or mass murderers lurking in the bushes ready to pounce when I step foot outside alone at night.

Only when I was safely inside and unpacking my shopping did I realise that I’d forgotten to buy the very thing I went out to get, and instead returned with a ridiculous amount of chocolate and coke. It’s a wonder I manage to maintain a size 8 figure with my poor diet!.