Ikea, Edmonton - the big sale that went wrong!

It was all over the newspapers that the Ikea furniture store in Edmonton, North London was going to have a huge sale giving away leather sofas for £50 each! It was a bargain no one wanted to miss, and we were there too.. People had been queuing all day and the queue must have been 50m long when we arrived. Being cheeky, we tried to slip in to the front of the queue, but people were hurling all sorts of insults at us when they realised what we were trying to do...so we knew there was no point even trying to queue because we would be the last ones in and everything would have gone by then. So we were just standing around near some metal railings which had been put up temporarily and were not attached to the ground, but very heavy in structure. We just wanted to see the fireworks and the big entrance before we headed back to the car, but we didn't know at that point that we wouldn't see the car until the early hours of the morning!

It was 12 midnight and the fireworks went off and a grand voice annouced the opening of the store, the doors opened and the queue waited patiently. I turned around and saw a huge group of people gathering where we were standing, as we tried to go back, the people behind us wouldn't let us through, instead they started pushing! There was a roar of about ten men shouting go and i was being pushed along with my sister and law and husband toward the metal railings. Luckily before the metal railings hit my stomach with the weight of a huge black guy behind me, some one infront of me had toppled over the railings. I had no choice but to run forwards in the direction of the violent crowd behind me. As i got closer to the entrance people started piling up on each other. The force of people on my back pushing intensely while i could hear people screaming was one of the most frightening moments of my life. I had drunk people around me and i was losing breath fast as i was being pushed and yet i was too scared to shout because i was scared someone might be violent towards me. I bent my shoulders forward and my spine back creating a small cavity around my chest by which i could breathe. The Ikea staff were fighting off people and trying hard to let one person in at a time. I couldnt see my husband but i was with my sister in law. We finally arrived at the entrance but we were being seperated by the people fighting there way to get in. My sister in law who was about to go through the doors grabbed my arm and pulled me through the crowd, i fell through the doors tripping up as i went. Relief overcame me as i finally could breathe again after a grueling hour of being crushed.

We didn't care about any furniture at that point, we just wanted to go home but we couldn't because Ikea had closed the entrance after just 10 mins of us going in, and all doors were jammed with huge crowds of people, so we were stuck until 5am in Ikea, we even ended up buying breakfast there. I don't think i'll ever go to another furniture store sale again. the next day we heard a man got stabbed in the crowd!

How crazy people can be?!