The Importance of Education

People can sometimes underestimate the benefits of education. It's not just about gaining the immediate set of knowledge available from whatever course you choose to take, but in fact it is about the skills you gain as you to try to extrapolate the knowledge in a wider sense, understanding how religion can effect daily life and society as a whole, how chemistry can effect the products on the market today, how the ecosystem is effecting other areas of life including the economy. Its not just about learning the principles of Religion, Chemistry and the Ecosystem, its about applying that knowledge and forming your own opinions about the effects of these subjects which is a skill of evaluation - drawing conclusions and forming solutions.

All too quickly we can just sum up knowledge as the actual subject itself, but education is like a building built on a foundation of knowledge. The subjects you study are just the foundation, what you draw from them for your own understanding in the building walls, but the roof is something far more advanced. It is the ability to use all the skills from your education - knowledge, understanding, evaluation and apply it to something completely new, like setting up your own business..learn about or create your product (knowledge), understand it's market and benefits (understanding), evaluate its success, think strategically (Evaluation).

A lot of kids don't appreciate the opportunity they have at GCSE to explore these skills in a variety of subject areas. By applying these skills in different subjects, you are broadening your knowledge, you can see where you have strengths and weaknesses, you can make an informed decision about where you want to specialize your future career based on your strengths and you are learning to apply your skills in a variety of areas.

AS Levels push the student to gain deeper level of knowledge, but the skills of understanding and evaluation are the same.

At degree level, the knowledge gained is a priority, as this is usually the subject in which the student will choose to build their future career on, and the emphasis is not on just gaining skills. It is assumed you have the skills of understanding and evaluation, and you are expect to apply these autonomously.

Education also effects social skills, throughout your educational career you are forced to meet people and interact. Your skills of Understanding and Evaluation can go on to assess peoples' behaviour before you respond to them, making the response far more mature and also strategic if one seeks to gain something from the other person.

My mum always says: Education is a cushion that you can always fall back on when your chips are down.