Organising a fashion show for charity!

What i thought would be pretty simple to put together actually turned out to be the most logistically difficult task to implement. I was frantic with only three weeks to prepare for an underfunded charity in shabby community centre. It took a lot of effort but i went to loads of different shops asking for donations in return for advertising on the night. I had a lady who owned a fashion company who donated a whole load of clothes to be used on the models that night, but i thought it would be nice to reflect all the cultures prevalent in the area in which this fashion show was being held. I attended a summer camp where i knew young people from the local area would be attending, and i networked and found out what culture they are from and how their traditional dress looks like.

We collected Kosovan clothes, Somalian clothes, Pakistani clothes, English clothes and whole load was great, the people donating the clothes were persuaded to model them too and it was a laugh because everyone was dying of embarrassment. We had a local textile shop that donated rolls of fabric that we used to drape over boards to make a stage setting. A local school donated a cat walk for the evening made out of blocks and a beautician who came and applied make up for free on all the models. My sisters fake flowers from her wedding went to making edging for the cat walk. A local lighting shop set up some spot lights.

It brought young people together and ladies from all the community who had heard about this fashion show and wanted to come and see! We raised almost a thousand pounds in ticket money which went to refurbishing the community centre itself. It was a major challenge, i was only 16 years old with no experience but just loads of time on my hands during my summer holidays. It was a feeling of exhilaration when it all came together in the end and successfully with a kind of relaxed atmosphere that wasn't lost in all the strict organizing. I definitely walked away with transferable skills perfect for uni and my future career and definitely a highlight in any interview.

After having this experience and realizing just how much i grew from it, i believe its extremely important that young people are involved in a positive way in society where they are made responsible for other people as this promotes the maturing process that so many young people lack these days.