Bollywood- What's it all about?!

Bollywood, is a fantastical array of imagination forming a facade of glamor and beauty to represent the feelings of romance and love which are shared by the entire human population no matter how rich or poor. Class, religion, caste, color which separate the entire subcontinent into multiple, tiny facets causing strain on every part of life and decaying the structure of society as a whole, cannot deny the shared true feelings of love. In a desperate hope for unity on some level, this imaginary world of colors and music has been born. Its so incredibly imaginative and at times absolutely unrealistic, but all this is brushed under the carpet and accepted by millions as not a fault but a creative way of ploughing effort into the search for representing true love and romance appropriately without losing any passion along the way, and also allowing the unrealistic to form an escapism from the harsh realities of life and hence giving everyone a shared dream of happiness that is lacking.

Bollywood, has been expanded over the decades, improved, westernized to include those who feel ostracized from their homelands and wish to use this as a blurred memory of their previous world giving them a feeling of nostalgia which they feel they must have and cannot lose as that would be the ultimate form of being a traitor to one's roots even if they enjoy and don't sincerely care about their homeland and never wish to return. A sense of identity creeps in, British Asians holding onto faith and culture to identify themselves in a country alien in culture to them, use the success of Bollywood to support their decision to continue clutching to the strands of culture still lingering through the generations.

Those of the younger western generations, feel like the homeland is more alien than British culture have been helped by Bollywood to form a sense of identity as films have been adjusted to be inclusive of western clothes and culture in a neo-asian style allowing a successful representation of how east and west can mix. Even if it is unrealistic, its the wish of so many who can only dream in their harsh reality where prejudice and discrimination is still rife. A new way of looking at love and romance in a very pragmatic western community which doesn't allow a form of romance that Asians are generally more comfortable with.

Bollywood can be summed up in four words or themes - hope, love, unity and escapism.