Chicken Pox - Nature of the Blisters

My daughter came out in Chicken Pox about five days ago, its amazing how few blisters she had, each one was bulbous full of fluid and yet it was making her incredibly frustrated and upset, at 1 and a half she was able to bearly undersand what was happening and i really felt sorry for her.

The blisters, although one a few were fluid filled, most were just small red spots eventually started forming a scab and now they have reduced in size. The itching has reduced but she is still very conscious of their presence which indicates that they are still itchy or painful

I gave her lots of Calpol and rubbed calamine lotion of every spot, in fact kids love to put the calamine on the visible spots themselves, it became a soothing distraction from the horrid experience. Unfortunately, i have a daughter under one who is now at risk of having Chicken Pox, i'm just praying that she too is not incubating the virus at the moment. I suppose i will have to give it another 5 days to see if there is any Chicken Pox.

I don't even know if i've had Chicken Pox and so i'm waiting to see if i've caught it too. One thing is good, that the spots to scab up after 3 days so the worst part is over fairly quickly. My daughter was lucky to have only a few spots scattered around her body, i was looking at pictures on Google images of Chicken Pox and it was awful, some people even get blisters in their mouth on their tongue and they are literally covered in blisters. It must be horrendous and very scary for adults who know it could be much worse for them than for their child.

At least i can be assured now that i wont have to take time off work for the Chicken Pox outbreak if their is a contagious carrier at the nursery they are going to attend as now they have had it all. Its really exhausting to look after sick children but the only way i was able to cope was to keep her distracted, taking her to the park and other open areas where risk of infection is low to other children. Games in the garden, treasure hunt in the house, that is following a trail of raisins on a clean floor to the treasure, takes up plenty of time...