Day 4 - Trip to the Egyptian Museum, belly dancing, sufi spins and lebanese food!

We met my friend at the Egyptian museum, we saw mummies and giant coffins in mummy shapes with faces on them and loads of other bits and bobs..but i'm not really a museum person i find them quite boring! It's like..oooohh sandals from 4500 years ago! It is amazing stuff, but i think you just have to have a passion to want to spend two hours in there looking at things...the pharoah's beds were cool...the bed posts were in the shape of animals...and everything was made out of gold..

So then after that we walked for two hours...because my friend wanted us to see the show of the twirling dervishes...a Sufi dance..its a sect of Islam called Sufism, they believe while spinning to the sounds of instruments you can be completely absorbed in the remembrance of Allah (God) they wear big colourful skirts and spin to drums really fast, they're skirts fly up and look nice because they have patterns on them and they chant songs about Allah and the Prophet (pbuh)... really entertaining for the western tourists...they were loving it! Then after that we went to Helipolis and saw my friends flat, by now we were starving and so we went to this place where they had loads of different restaurants in one complex and it had streams and waterfalls, music and belly we had some lebanese food there, and wet took some other native friends came too, so we sat there chatting until 4am, we finally left and got all our stuff together and caught the 6am train to Alexandria...i felt extremely tired, i was exhausted but someone had to be alert to make sure we didn't miss our the other two went to sleep and i was dozing in and out of sleep...finally we got back at around 9am, i checked my email for the undergraduates registrar's response...but there was nothing i tried going to sleep, but i think i was tired, but had past the point of being able to switch off...finally i fell asleep at 12.30pm...and woke up at 6pm! That was the longest day and night of great fun that we had during our trip. We were all so free to do as we pleased. Apart from the museum trip in the morning, everything was fantastic! The best bit was the belly dancer trying to lure my mate with her belly that looked way too big for western standards and looked like wobbly jelly, not at all seductive. I just couldn’t stop laughing!