Day 6- the camel back safari

After that we left on the minibus and went back to its saturday now...we just slept for the rest of the day...and then we woke up at 6am on sunday to eat breakfast and go on Safari...the jeep picked us up from outside the hotel and we made our way through some mountains and desert to this place where we had to get on some camels....then the camels took us through this narrow path, which was scary because the edge of the path was looking over rocks and the red sea and the other side was the camels had about half a meter to walk in, and if they slipped then i could have lost my balance and ended up in the rocks in front of the sea, some 1000 odd meters down...

We travelled on camel-back through valleys and along the sea front...until we got to this empty beach called Abu Gulam...we asked the Bedouin man who was leading our camels why it was soo empty and he said the tourists never come on a Sunday...sunday is the day they all go back home...i was very HAPPY!!!! as soon as the Bedouin man went i took off my hijaab, got into my hot pants, little skin tight, shorts and my little T..Shirt! and went straight into the sea with my snorkelling was really hard at first to get started because the coral was just 5cm beneath you while you were swimming ...and the coral cut my legs about was unbelievably painful because the salty water just makes it worse…but i carried on, and soon enough i stopped noticing the pain when i saw the most AMAZING fish...and coral..the coral is awesome and so strange, some is soft, some is hard, some have long tenticles like an octopus..some is bulbous...incredible! That has to be the best part of the trip...the snorkling was we stayed there for 3hours and i was sunbathing too.

At about 5.30pm we left in the jeep and got back to our hotel...i took a shower, and rested until 9,30pm, the time we had to check out of the hotel. It was a a well deserved rest. I don't think i'll ever forget the lower back ache i had after riding those camels over those bumpy rocks. I think i had lost so much weight over the past few days, i had done so much exercise but i loved the feeling of being fit and able to do more than i thought i could. It was an achievement.