Day 7- the world's worst landlady in Egypt

My landlady was not helping with my exhaustion from the past few days. We realised soon enough that she had a split personality when we moved in. She laughs one moment and then in the next second she'll start shouting, she's bizarre! Anyway, so we put up with loads of abuse from her because she had our 100pound deposits which we needed back if we ever chose to leave.

Once my friend came round and Fatan was shouting at her for being in our flat, we asked why she couldn't be there and she said, i don't like lots of people in the building, as in the block of flats. We tried explaining to her that its our right to have people round if we wish because we're paying for the flat, its basically none of her business. But she wouldn't have it. Although I think I know what the problem is, my friend pushed the door on her as she was leaving the flat a couple of weeks ago, it was an accident and she apologised...Since that day she's been making such a mountain out of a mole hill saying how my friend is like this and that and how she doesn't want us to have friends round at our place and putting all these restrictions on us which nobody else renting a flat has to put up with. So we decided to move because the girls I was living with were not willing to put up with that sort of abuse for the whole year, and she's always coming round and shouting about something because she's on the same floor. And sometimes, she'd say stuff like i saw your friend leaving from your flat this morning, when in reality there was no one in our flat except the normal residents...and one of the girls I was living with caught her spying on us as we were leaving and coming back by opening her window on her front door just slightly and looking out with one eye! SUCH A FREAK! Oh yeh and she took away our sofas and replaced them with shit ones as punishment for having my friends round! who does that!

I was surprised that anyone could behave that way, its unbelievable and it made me realise just how many more rights we have in England and how we can exercise our rights which we tend to take for granted, but most people can't do that in any other part of the world.