Ikea,Croydon - 19th April, the 21% discount!

Ikea had a sale on th 19th of April in Croydon, i almost fear going because of the mess-up at the Edmonton branch please read "Ikea, Edmonton - the Big Sale that went Wrong". Well, we decided not to go, but we went to Nandos which is just a 5 min walk from there. Getting to Nandos was a nightmare, the amount of traffic, and at the end of the day the sale was only 21% off, which isnt much at all..Recently, i've been scanning Ebay to see what bids are most successful and the auctions for beds and sofas are so popular! Its amazing how desperate people are for good furniture at a low price. Even Ikea is cheeky, they have some items that are at a ridiculously low price but other items are as expensive as any other furniture store, so you think Ikea is actually really cheap but its not really!

Well, after eating we decided to have a walk and just look around. Going around Ikea, i felt like i was in a labyrinth, its not like i've never been in Ikea before, but when you don't want to be there for long and you want to leave quickly, you just can't, its a maze of furniture poorly signposted and i always find it a nightmare trying to find the things i want and then trying to pay and leave. The queues at the checkout were enormous. I just hate shopping there now, the whole concept of pulling out packets from basement storage and walking away with it is hard work, time consuming and frustrating as the item is likely not to fit in the car and at the end of the day, what discount am i actually making?

Argos, is so much better, buy online, cheap delivery, cheapish furniture, clear measurements and pictures. In my opinion, you can get the saame level of discount on furniture at Argos as you would at Ikea, but without the hassle! You have to be mighty stong if you want to buy a big piece of furniture fromm Ikea. And then you wouldn't dare ask for help! The Ikea staff are inundated with customers, little staff for the number of customers. I always leave Ikea feeling exhausted. So you think, lets go for a coffee but the restaurant is always rammed too! You can't even get a cup of coffee without a massive queue.

My conclusion is that people are desperate for the prices of food and furniture at Ikea and there just are not enough places like it around and so Ikea is always over populated with people. The road leading to Ikea had signs of an 'event' taking place and so traffic was expected to be heavy, how can a 21% discount be an 'event'!!