Losing Weight for the Lazy Person

From my experience, the key to losing wieght successfully is to do it without trying. I certainly eat a lot to relax when i'm stressed and to keep myself awake when i'm tired. People say one should find other ways to relax or stay awake that doesn't involve food, but you know what, its easy to say but hard to do, bad habits die hard.

I started losing weight for the first time successfully when i was so busy, so busy that i couldn't even care what i was eating, or whether i eaten. Thats not to say that everything i ate was fast food, or unhealthy...crackers with cheese, rice cakes - light quick and easy! I didn't do this on purpose, it just happened that as my lifestyle changed due to having two kids one after the other, i was just too busy to try to find time to relax with food. It sounds funny, but if your lifestyle doesn't allow you to relax apart from the time when you go to sleep, you won't need all these relaxing foods to help you. Let stress be a real part of your life, don't try and fight it with food, just work with it.

What about tiredness? i always end up having a tea and biscuits or i know friends who drink to relax...calories, calories, calories! Again, don't fight tiredness with food, just sleep, thats what the body needs.

The most important of all is being able to distinguish between being hungry and being thirsty. So many of us confuse the two and we don't even realise it. A huge percentage of people in Britain suffer from dehydration, 8 glasses of water a day won't leave too much room for binge eating. Everytime you feel hungry, have two glasses of water and if you still feel hungry, then it is hunger not thirst.

People say exercise, but i'm like the laziest person, i have no motivation to get up and prance around for ages, getting sweaty, feeling dirty and ultimately feel like i've wasted precious time using energy in a completely ineffective way. Its arguable, i know, but i hate exercising with exercise routines. I like to use my energy to actually do something useful. I knw its hard, but if you can keep yourself busy with useful things, like cleaning, gardening, DIY, shopping by walking to the shops and back. Setting a routine and setting targets will create enough natural exercise to lose weight without having to get sweaty!