Pregnancy Cravings

Cravings have always been felt by pregnant women for centuries, but there doesn't seem to be any medical explanation as to why women have them. It has been thought that its phychological, because women knnow that cravings are part of pregnancy they feel they should have and hence they start to think that they need to have whatever the food or even object.

I'll never forget when my cousin was pregnant, and we were at a party. She kept going off for a few mins every so often and i think the third time she came back with red specks on one corner of her mouth, thats when i got a bit suspicious otherwise i thought she was taking walks to settle her heartburn. When she got up again, i let her leave the room first and the i got up and followed her, she was going out of the back door, i thought that was strange as the garden was cold, wet, dark and empty. At this point i got a bit spooked, so instead of going outside i went into the back lounge which was dark and looked out the window. My cousin looked like something out of a horror movie, her big white maternity dress blowing in the wind, her hair too and she was standing up against the back wall, facing the wall, her head was slanted and i couldn't se what she was doing to the corner of the wall.

I was dead scared that my cousin was possessed or something, no logical explanation was coming to mind even though i was rattling my brain for a reason for her behaviour. I ran outside and she jumped when she saw me, she was literally biting the bricks on the wall, red bricks, just gnawing at them.

"what the hell are you doing" i screamed, still spooked out. She laughed and felt stupid, she said "cravings, i been craving the feeling of gnawing on red brick, i love it!".

I was thinking' crazy cow' but i felt sympathetic as she looked so embarrassed. "I can't help it" she said. She started looking upset, so i ran over and gave her a cuddle. We've never spoken of it again, until her last birthday when she unwrapped her present andd i was one red, we couldn't stop laughing!! Everyone thought we were mad!

We had to explain the wierd present and it was hilarious, she can't believe that she was doing that either.