A professional finish to painting and decorating

Painting is actually quite hard, getting a smooth finish is one of the hardest tasks involved in the whole process. I always find that a roller made to paint radiators is the cheapest and yet most effective way of getting a smooth finish. Its the spongy texture of the roller that does not leave any marks. However, the sides of the rollers collect a lot of paint and so when you make a swipe, you get two lines of paint that go across the wall, so you go over the lines and two more lines appear, the key is to keep rolling and rolling until all lines have gone because the paint in the roller has run out, so its best not to overload the roller with too much paint to start off with.

I alway find this produces a smooth finish. My friends think i'm made for using the radiator roller because its so small, but i actually feel like i have more control over the application of the paint and less accidents with dripping paint everywhere. Also, i can get behind radiators with this roller and in all those awkward places around the bathroom. I do find that corners of the room are easily done with a swipe of the end of the roller along the corner of the room.

Of course the quality of the paint has a huge effect, and i really like using Dulux paint, its thick and doesn't require too many coats. I haven't even bothered to use any other type of paint. The only other took is the Harris thin slanted brush, its imperative to have a good quality brush when doing the edges, the fibres of this brush is actually really thin and fine, so you don't get any brush marks. Never use a cheap brush as the bristles will be too coarse and will leave brush marks also the bristles will shed and get stuck in the paint. Finally, always use masking tape to avoid getting paint on the ceiling and even if you think your hand is very steady and you don't need masking tape, be sure that you will never get a straight line at the top of the wall and this does indeed make your whole paint job look unprofessional. The finishing touches are what really count.

I often think how funny it is that the finishing touches are the most difficult to get right and yet they are not noticed unless they are done poorly. It almost feels unfair.