The Queen of the Fields

Running in the fields, a summers day, my hair blowing in the wind, the frills on my dress moving like the waves of a sea...i looked forward and i could see, a little tree, standing all alone in a huge field. I was only 6 years old, full of life and little arms pulled and heaved my dainty body onto the first branch...before i knew it, i was looking down from the top, i was on top of the world. There wasn't a corner of the universe i couldn't see, the wind was pushing me, but i sat head up and strong in my newly appointed position. I felt like a leader, a queen of the fields. I could command the world from all the way up here! Stretching my neck up high to see my little house, my mother was putting out the washing...even my red socks on the washing line were the size of red ants from my proud position. Suddenly, a crack of wood, something breaking, i looked down from my lofty moments to the here and now...but before i could react the entire branch fell and that was the end...I awoke, the moon was in the sky and dusk was approaching. My neck was hurting and the huge branch was on top of me pinning me down. A spider on my leg, i tried to yelp but my tongue was dry. The branch was the weight of the world...stuck there for almost 5 hours conscious, with the bugs of the woodland feasting on my paralyzed limbs, i lay crying tears of fear and hope.

When the sky was black and all i could see were small flickering stars, i heard a faint voice calling my name, a man, my dad!! I tried to scream, but no sound, i brought moisture back to my tongue and called out, a small sound, but for me the loudest i've ever screamed. Something was wrong, it hurt to make even that sound. Suddenly torch light flickered here and there..It was like a ray of light from the heavens calling me to peace. I saw my father's face, his eyes full of relief and anguish. I fainted, blacked out.

I awoke, in hospital. The bed was cold and sterile. My mothers head on my hand...i moved my hand to wake her. She lifted her head immediately, she dare not sleep. She looked so happy and yet tears dripping from her eyes.

'mama' i said, i quickly realized, i couldn't move my neck, and it hurt to talk..the doctors said i had broken my neck and pierced one of my lungs from a broken rib.. The Queen of the Fields was never seen again!