Underground Tubes - Tips to reduce contagious diseases spreading

The underground network in Britain is one of the world's most congested transport systems with an average of 2,670,004 people using it per day. It is a giant incubator for contagious illnesses from the common cold to the fatal MRSA and Meningitis disease. People are forced to use this transport due to time and cost. So what can everyone do to avoid catching disease during peak time when the tubes are jammed with bodies.

1) Always breath through your nose, and lower your face to the floor to avoid inhaling breath directly from another passenger
2) If you need to touch a railing, use a tissue as a barrier between you and the surface.
3)Do not lean against the glass with your clothes and avoid contact of clothes with the fabric chairs.
4)Try to stand so that you are not touching anyone directly
5) Do not open or consume any food items in the underground
6) Do not eat or drink any food on the underground
7) Wash hands after every journey and do not touch the face with your hands during the journey.
8) If you take your shoes off with your hand when you arrive home, wash immediately
9) Open all ventilators on the tube, do not forget to clean your hands after opening them.
10) Cough or sneeze directly into a tissue
11) Avoid talking on the underground
12) Do not open your bag on the underground, keep in a relatively airtight bag during the journey
13) Eat plenty of vitamin tablets to keep up immunity
14) Try to avoid using the tube with newborn babies and those with low immunity levels.

This should help to limit the number of airborn diseases that can be fatal to our health. It can be very difficult to follow through with the above as the underground is an extremely harsh environment which requires a great deal of compromise from each passenger on the quality of their journey. Disease is rampant with the lack of ventilation, the stale air full of breath and the temperature especially during summer time. Wash your limbs and clothes regularly if you are using the underground and keep an awareness of all the contact made between you, your clothes and the fabric of the tube and other passengers at all times. Most disease can be avoided but these tips are not fail proof, there is always a chance that one will catch a virus of some kind as some point. However, it is still "Better to be safe than sorry!"