The Veil - A Muslim woman' perspective

Do you ever wonder who is behind that big black scarf...a woman perhaps with a sense of humour, a person who loves rabbits or has a fetish for blue cheese? The Muslim woman has been made to look like a complete idiot by the media and it just isn't true! I am a Muslim woman who wears the whole gear and looks the part.

Choosing to dress in a symbolic fashion, to live life with a theological take on everything is a lot harder than pulling on a pair of heels to go out clubbing. Believe it or not, but we put the scarf on out faith, because we are proud to be Muslim, because we believe in its symbolism of modesty and we like the respect gained from those who's opinion we care for, not because we're all pathetic, sad, freaks who are following orders from our husbands as the media would like everyone to believe. Its like a few rogue cases of submission have made all Muslim women seem as though they are oppressed.

I wonder sometimes why we're the subject of mockery and being bullied but its partly our fault as we don't integrate into society enough for people to realise that we too have personalities, but its easy to say but damn hard to do. Its like you have to break down walls of stereotype before you can actually have a nice open chat with people. People are so unfriendly, so unwilling to mix with us and its incredibly intimidating to walk into a room where everyone is starring. Oh i hear you saying "well you choose to look different, so what do you expect?"

Is society so pathetic that we cannot be open to those who choose to look different. I say the problem is with you! You are no better than a racist if you stereotype and treat people differently based on how they look. What a closed minded society we live in, what a sad reality we face.

The cherry on the cake, is that we are the ones who are blamed for not being 'normal', for having the problem. In the face of discrimination we face people patronizing us by saying that we are oppressed and forced to wear the veil. Its like society wants to dismiss the concept of a woman wearing a veil because they don't understand and don't wish to understand it either. I really do hope relations can get better and they only will if people are open and interested in each other's way of life without needing to criticize each other.