What a morning!

It was 9am in the morning, banging of metal, men's voices coming from the window...so close to the window too..But how, we live on the first floor! I scrambled out of bed and opened the curtain..two builders putting up scaffolding and standing right outside my window. They were awfully polite, deliberately not looking in even though i was standing about a meter away from them with my rainbow coloured PJs! I jumped at the sight of them, it was the last thing i was expecting. I quickly closed the curtains and noticed a paper under the door as i moved towards the hallway. The notice of redecorations arrived late on my doorstep.

Quickly getting dressed, i went to see if i could weedle out some polyfiller for my bathroom towel rail from one of the builders. It had come out the wall from one end because the whole was too big. This wasn't what i thought i would be doing before breakfast. After a quick friendly chat, i managed to get some, i filled in the whole but the polyfiller fell straight through, obviously this wall was just two bit of plasterboard with no insulation inbetween.I stuffed so much paper into the wall until there was no way the polyfiller could fall through. I then filled in the whole and managed to fix the towel rail.

I managed to get polyfiller on my hands. The telephone rang,and i instantly picked it up. Its a brand new amstrad telephone with a computer screen attached! I got polyfiller all over it. Tried to get it off but it seemed like permanent damage. I went downstairs to ask the builders how to get it off, they gave me some chemical. I came upstairs, tripped on the steps and split a whole bottle of it all over the communal carpet of the hallway in my block of flats. Like bleach, it left a massive patch of discolourisation. I couldn't stop swearing. I had a little bit left in the bottle, thought i would at least fix the phone before admitting to the authorities that i had damaged the carpet outside. I came inside, and took a old cloth, dampened it and rubbed away on the phone handle. It didn't come off! The disappointment, all that and it didn't work in the end.

My stomach grumbled, i hadn't even eaten anything. Doorbell went, a lady wanting to know why the carpet was in that state. I was just about to explain when the telephone rang, i picked it up, shit! i got more polyfiller on it. Returning to the door, the lady had left to go bother the other tenant down the hall. So yep, i thought, at least have breakfast first before sorting out the mess. Went to the fridge, my flat mate had eaten my eggs, bread and milk.Nothing left but a note on the fridge saying, sorry my girlfriend came round and had to give her breakfast!

Just when i thought, could the day get any worse. The builders started drilling in my wall!